Antelope Island bison herd

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Antelope Island bison herd

Protected Area

Bison grazing.

 United States



Antelope Island

 - elevation
4,350 ft (1,326 m)

 - coordinates
40°57′29″N 112°12′26″W / 40.95806°N 112.20722°W / 40.95806; -112.20722Coordinates: 40°57′29″N 112°12′26″W / 40.95806°N 112.20722°W / 40.95806; -112.20722

Highest point

 - location
Frary Peak

 - elevation
2,010 m (6,594 ft)

Lowest point

 - location
Great Salt Lake

 - elevation
1,279 m (4,196 ft)

1893 State Management since 1981

Utah State Parks

280,351 (2010) [1]

Location of Antelope Island State Park in Utah

Website: Antelope Island State Park

Antelope Island in Great Salt Lake, Utah, is part of Antelope Island State Park. On the island, a semi–free-ranging population of American bison (Bison bison, buffalo) has been in existence since 1893. Though the island was named for the pronghorn antelope that John C. Frémont and Kit Carson found there when they explored the Great Salt Lake, bison were later introduced and the island is now perhaps most famous for its bison herd.
The Antelope Island bison herd is significant because it is one of the largest and oldest publicly owned bison herds in the nation.[2] It is one of the two bison herds managed by the State of Utah, the other being the Henry Mountains bison herd. The Antelope Island bison herd currently numbers between 550 and 700 individuals. Other large free-ranging, publicly controlled herds of bison in the United States include the Yellowstone Park bison herd (3,500 bison), the herd in Custer State Park, South Dakota (1,300 bison),[3] the Henry Mountains bison herd in south-central Utah (300 to 500 animals), the herd at Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota (350 bison), and the 400-strong National Bison Range Herd near Flathead Lake, Montana. In addition, though the bison on Antelope Island are Prairie bison, which was the most common bison subspecies in North America, the bison have a distinct genetic heritage from many of the other bison herds in the Unite