Pastor E A Adeboye is really a Nigerian minister and the existing Common Overseer in the Redeemed Christian Chapel of God. He is among the most widely used and respectable preachers in Nigeria and Africa in general. He is also the founding father of the Redeemed Christian Church of God’s Mission in Nigeria.

Pastor Adeboye came into this world around the Mar, 2 in the year 1942 in Ifewara, Osun State in Nigeria. He or she is through the Egba clan in Abeokuta, Ogun Status. He possessed main education and learning at Saint. Stephen’s Anglican University, Aiyetoro along with his additional training at Ilesha Grammar College. He later went to the School of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo School) where he researched Math and Figures.

After his graduation, Pastor Adeboye did the trick being a lecturer at the College of Lagos and also the College of Ibadan. He later had become the go of the Division of Mathematics in the University or college of Lagos. He was also a part-time lecturer on the Trinity Theological School, Ibadan.

In 1975, Pastor E A Adeboye was employed the normal Overseer in the Used Christian Cathedral of The lord by the church’s founding pastor, Pa Josiah Oshitelu. They have since been re-decided many times and it is typically the church’s longest-servicing Basic Overseer.

Under Pastor Adeboye’s management, the Redeemed Christian Cathedral of The lord has expanded to become one of many largest and many powerful chapels in Nigeria and Africa. The church now has over 14,000 divisions in Nigeria and also over 5,000 limbs in other nations all over the world.

Pastor Adeboye is also the founder of the Redeemed Christian Chapel of God’s Goal in Nigeria. The goal is responsible for the church’s missionary operate in Nigeria as well as other areas of Africa.

Pastor Adeboye is wedded to Foluke Adeboye and they also have four young children with each other. He is even the article writer of numerous textbooks, which includes The best way to Fulfilment, How you can Pray Successfully, and The Power of a Praying Wife.