If you’re a normal smoker, there’s one particular machine you can’t go without your bong. Regardless of whether you prefer glass, acrylic, or ceramic, your bong is essential for cooling and filtering light up joint filter before you take in.

But just like any other using tobacco item, bongs need typical cleaning up to prevent buildup and make certain ideal performance. Listed here are four motives you must remember to clean your bong.

Keeps the Flavor Refreshing

No one loves the flavor of stale cigarette smoke, as well as a unclean bong may be the number-1 cause of off-putting flavors. As soon as the resin along with other residue develop in your bong, it may share a nasty taste to the herb—regardless of how high-quality it might be. Cleaning up your bong routinely will help make certain you always enjoy the real flavor of your cigarette smoke.

Eliminates Viruses

Along with affecting flavor, remains within your bong can also harbor harmful bacteria. When h2o is situated in the bong for long periods, it will become the perfect reproduction floor for all sorts of microbes—some of which can be bad for your overall health. Typical cleansing may help stop the growth and development of microorganisms and keep your cigarette smoking practical experience as harmless as is possible.

Maximizes Your Smokes Smoothness

Resin and other residues not merely impact taste, however they also can make smoke harsher and more annoying to the throat and respiratory system. Cleaning your bong frequently will help make certain that every strike is clean and enjoyable. Therefore, discover how to clean a bong.

Boosts Efficiency

A dirty bong is an ineffective bong—plain and uncomplicated. Resin buildup can limit air flow to make it difficult to have a great hit from the container. By keeping your bong nice and clean, you’ll guarantee that every struck is robust and fulfilling.


Just like any typical cigarette smoker is aware, a bong is a crucial piece of equipment. But what many cigarette smokers don’t realize is that bongs call for typical cleaning to avoid build-up and keep optimal efficiency. Allow me to share four factors why you need to always bear in mind to clean your bong: refreshing flavoring, secure smoking, smooth hits, and increased effectiveness. So the very next time you reach for your best bit, require a second to give it a good scrub—your respiratory system will thank you!